The name “AUXU” is an acronym for Aoxu which means “sunshine” and that happens to be the native name of the company director, Shirley Xu.

The company was named AUXU for its meaning and the cheerful impact of sunshine on Shirley’s spiritual upliftment. We strongly believe in giving each client an experience that can be matched only by the glorious morning sun on a spring day.

The company’s logo is characterized by the famous four letters with both the “a” and “x” flanking two shopping bags with the letter U inscribed on them. The logo design is inspired by the colorful , jovial aura of an eager shopper seeing as how the shopping bags have U’s resembling smiles. We aim to give each and every one of our customers such a feeling when they do business with us.

Our brand is affiliated with the color orange because it’s philosophical meaning identically aligns with our policy on engagement with clients, partners and associates which is that of warmth, happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red and the cheerfulness of yellow.

We focus on manufacturing, wholesale and retail of consumer goods. We manufacture steel based products by ourselves while we source other finished products from suppliers all over the world for the best prices. Our platforms particularly this website feature vending facilities which sell our goods and our suppliers goods as well.

Through this business, we aim to provide convenience to customers ie through online sales and 24hr service team attending to inquiries and sales to our valued customers. We are steadfast believers in bringing people together through business and providing services through e-commerce and increased cooperation. We also aim to thoroughly improve the lives of ordinary businesses in China by affording them a market beyond China’s boarders by putting them online on a platform that they can afford with assistance to grow their business to an international standard and market their products globally.

In the same vein, we want to open up the range of choice for goods and services available to the people of China by allowing international businesses to sell, advertise and do businesses with Chinese businesses and markets on our platform.

Under the capable stewardship of our Director and CEO Ms Shirley Xu , this business has seen an incredible growth period. Established in 2004, it started as a small clothing design company with less than 50 employees. Two years later, there were a couple of stores and slowly yet surely grew to become a manufacturing titan with two factories located in Shanghai and the larger one in Hubei Province and thanks to e-commerce has managed to fully man these facilities with 80 employees and first grade modern production equipment.

 The work environment is saturated with experience and expertise from the top with more than 20 years’ experience is design, production, research and management of  clothes, shoes, steel based, metal based and plastic based hardware.

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